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SITCAP – Short-Term Treatment; Long-Lasting Results

At Newfound Hope Counselling Centre, my strategy is to offer proven and well-established programs that work faster than other therapy models so you can heal quickly and return to a happy and vibrant life.

What is SITCAP?

To support me in my goals, I employ a short-term, trauma-specific program called SITCAP – Sensory Intervention for Trauma and Loss in Children, Adolescents and Parents. Backed by 11 years of research and testing, the SITCAP program has helped restore a sense of safety, control and power to thousands of children and adults with PTSD.

There are several SITCAP programs available depending on the developmental and clinical needs of the clients. These programs are as follows:

  • Individual and group programs
  • Children’s program for ages 0-3, 4-5, and 6-12
  • Adolescents ages 13-19
  • Adults 20+

I also offer programs that address the following:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Children in foster care
  • Children in military families
  • Children with special needs

About SITCAP Programming

  • SITCAP programs can be applied to either violence-induced trauma or non-perpetrated, non-assaultive trauma-inducing incidents
  • The programs address both grief and trauma-specific reactions
  • The programs are 100% supported by its founding institute TLC, which provides resources, education, case consultation, and supervision to all professionals who utilize the SITCAP programs
  • Each program is very structured in its directions, interventions, and activities to sequentially and systematically ensure the individual is given the opportunity to safely address each of the major themes of trauma
  • Each program provides educational materials related to trauma and the interventions, which are beneficial to the recovery process
  • Rather than focus on the symptoms, the model focuses on trauma reactions: fear, terror, worry, hurt, anger, revenge, accountability, powerlessness, absence of safety and being a survivor versus a victim
  • The model encourages parental involvement through specifically structured sessions designed to obtain necessary information and to allow parents to witness how the trauma has impacted their child
  • A specific 8 session program also helps those parents who themselves have been traumatized and need assistance to recover from their own trauma exposure
  • Resource materials, in a structured booklet format, are provided for parents to ensure they receive information on the differences between grief and trauma as well as the course the intervention will take
  • Exposure is accomplished through structured drawing activities, developing the trauma narrative through asking trauma-specific questions, and cognitive reframing through use of the reflective statements
  • The model is outcome-driven. A Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) questionnaire identifies initial reaction(s) and their severity levels and provides a baseline to compare final outcomes with initial assessment

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