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About Newfound Hope

NEWFOUND HOPE COUNSELLING SERVICES is the counselling practice of Kay Noseworthy. Kay is a highly skilled mental health counsellor and trauma specialist with over 15 years of experience. She has a BA in Psychology and Sociology and a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling. Registered and certified with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Kay is also a Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner with both the Traumatology Institute of Canada and the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC).

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Kay Noseworthy

I work with clients using a varied and whole health treatment style. My individualized approach meets each client’s unique needs to achieve their short or long-term goals for treatment. I consider emotions, body sensations, thoughts, and behaviors to help you find balance in any one or more areas of your life including fulfilling relationships, effective communication, confidence, relief from anxiety and stress and the ability to manage overwhelming emotions and sensations.

Heal Hurt. Survive Loss. Regain Life.

We all experience hurt, loss, anger, fear, stress and even trauma during our lives that can manifest in ways that can negatively affect our relationships, work, physical and emotional health. However, I believe that all people have strengths and the ability to achieve resilience despite the adversities they have experienced. I provide genuine, compassionate support, coaching and counselling to empower the expert inside of you while healing feelings of helplessness and hopelessness through experiences designed to restore safety and power.

If you have suffered a trauma or a loss, you are not alone. When your sense of safety and trust are shattered, something happens to you that you may not understand. Your life is changed. Sometimes symptoms and reactions are sudden and other times they are slow to emerge or even recognize. In fact, you or others may have misinterpreted your grief and trauma as attention-deficit disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsiveness, or a personality disorder. This is because trauma is the experience of prolonged and exaggerated stress. Trauma affects us in ways that cause significant body dysregulation, which affects us physically, emotionally, behaviorally and spiritually. Over time, we may find ourselves stuck in the past, unable to accept life’s realities and with distorted views of ourselves. While these symptoms and reactions are normal with trauma, when they are left untreated, life becomes very difficult. I want you to know that you are not alone and I can help support you wherever you are on your healing journey.

I will provide you with practical and effective tools and resources to help you manage your thoughts, emotions and resulting behaviors and experience a positive and hopeful mindset.  My goal is to help shift your victim thinking to survivor thinking. When you view yourself as a survivor, you will experience a stronger sense of self, improved confidence, appropriate boundary setting, flourishing relationships and greater fulfillment both personally and professionally.

Services & Fees

Individual counselling for adults and youth. Available by phone or online.

$140 + HST for 1 hour counselling session. The last 10 minutes of the session is reserved to schedule the next appointment, collect payment, and to update file notes.

Payment is required at the time of the appointment.

If you cannot keep your appointment, a minimum notice of 24 hours is required. If less than 24 hours notice is given or you do not attend your appointment, a late cancellation fee will be charged at the rate of a full session. Payment for the missed session is due at the beginning of the next session.

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